This website serves to disseminate experiences gathered during the controlled evaluation of spices and condiments routinely used to prepare food. These have been in use for hundreds of years but the specific benefit they bring when consumed in specified and in minute quantities has been closely studied by practical application. The experience gained is presented to the user in a limited, consolidated and easily understood manner by sorting on the basis of replies to a standard questionnaire provided. If you have any specific allergy towards any spice / condiments, please consult us before its intake.

The website is about problem management and not about treatment or cure and therefore outside the realm of medical regulatory bodies. Any cure that come through the enlightened consumption of kitchen spices and condiments may be credited entirely to the ‘magic of the human body’ and the website or its facilitators do not make any claims in this regard.

By proceeding further the user subscribes in full to our views presented herein above and undertakes not to lay any blame whatsoever of any nature on the facilitators of this website or any related e mails that will seek to further assist the user and are to be considered purely suggestive in nature. The user understands that he/she is only paying for information of limited nature and refund can only be claimed on grounds of failure by the website in disseminating the gathered information.